Secret Santa gifts....

Ok, we’ve all had to do it, no doubt with varying degrees of success, and I wanna hear what people have got in the past that have been good (coz I need to buy something this week for $10) & also bad (guessing there’ll be plenty of gifts that fall into the bad category).

Last year I got someone one of those flappy solar powered flower things & received a tin of rum balls. I think from memory the two most aggressively targeted items (we did the whole ‘you can steal from others’ version) was a camp chair from bunnings & kombi van salt & pepper shakers…


10 bucks? - Just get 'em a penguin classic. - Everyone needs a good book over the summer.

My friend got this A4 blockmount as his Kris Kringle gift along with a box of Favourites. The limit was $20.

As you could imagine, he was stoked in receiving it and slightly upset when he accidentally left it at the pub last night.

wow, that’s fkn terrible news, pls pass on my condolences, has he called the pub, maybe someone handed it in?!?! lolz.

he ate the chocolates obviously…?

Half of the gifts at my work party were $10 bottles of wine.
One of the most ogled presents was a book compilation of cricket sledges.

Gave the department’s biggest tosser a jar of fig jam one year. Went straight through to the keeper.

/\ Ha! That happened to a mate of mine at work (good bloke too)!

Ditto to the Penguin books though.

Gnomes always go down well.

Cadbury favorites/roses who doesn’t like them

I always get my secret santa one of these - and because they have a huge range, there is always something that relates to the person.

Official Bud Duck Collection | Luxury BudDuck | Mini and Large Bud Ducks | Zodiac BudDucks | Rubber Ducks - Welcome To Bud Ducks

got one of these… depending on who gets it, it could be totally hit or miss.

I got one of those in Japan - it was a giraffe for mrs ezy.

I had a $10 limit one year and bought a bag of 50 assorted chuppa chups from a wholesale lolly shop on Buckley st Essendon.
Person that got it was a diabetic.


they were all sold out of the giraffes unfortunately :frowning:

i did reddit secret santa this year and last year, both times i’ve gotten bottle openers (they have been pretty cool bottle openers though, the one i got last year was made out of bicycle chain and the one i got this year is a 32Gb USB key).
sent my secret santa match a star wars bottle opener and a bottle of home brew last year, this year sent them a set of copic markers.

From the sweep at wife’s work. $20 limit…office prankster got one of the directors in the sweep. Handed him 1/2 empty bottle of jack daniels.

KMart Barrel of Monkeys game like $5-10.
Once one person has a go, everyone will want a go.

This isn’t the “post your love life” thread.

We did the ‘steeling ok’ version with a $10 limit. I purchased a Nerf gun, was stolen several times, then somewhat ironically fired into my shoulder. Scored a decent number this time so pretty much had my pick of everything, stole this from one of the other guys and spent most of Saturday afternoon putting it together.

Better than the moisturiser + soap combo I landed last year.

thread dig, I got a keep cup thing with heaps of moustaches on it. makes me think of ezy.

variation of the theme here, but I’ve been asked for ideas for my leaving gift…

anyone been given something rad when they’ve left a job? I’ve been trying to think of something useful for my upcoming US trip but I’m struggling…