Secret squirrel Pinarello/possible cheapie in avalon, nsw...54cm

Who was watching this hoping no one else would notice?

Road Bike Large Frame Fixie Project | eBay

Have fun with the seatpost.

Road Bike Large Frame Fixie Project | eBay

being a newb and all, unsure of what’s pantographed on the seat stays, anyone?..apart from that, has a 600 tricolor cranks, dura ace brakes, dt shifters etc. not in bad nick.

GP - Pinarello…I hear they are okay.

Anyone live near Avalon, NSW per chance?

ahha…foa mafia unite!

wtf bro?

The original seat post is stuck in the frame, so I put a smaller post inside the original one and screwed it in place for my size.

My brother lives up that way…if need be.

I’m buying this. This is mine. Stop looking. Now.

Before I bid - any ideas how to get that post out?

Nah it’s fucked. Don’t waste your time…

Already bid. I’ll figure something out.

that’s gotta be better tubing than SL right?

just slip an even skinnier one in and self-tap that as well.

This has already had a thread, gents. Get with the times.

Merged threads.

If only Google could harness your search powers…

caustic soda? works fine for me, takes about 3 or 4 days. google for directions

Anyone get it? Good buying for $305.

I got pipped at the post by some sniping.