Security chain

Hoping someone can help out with advice on the best chain for my purpose.
I keep a quiver of bikes in my workshop. The door locks, but I also want to lock the bikes up, and I figure the best way is to anchor a chain to the floor or wall and run it through the frames and lock it to the last one in the line.
I know there’s no guarding against 6 foot boltcutters or a grinder, so what I’m after is a chain that is hardened and will deter the average petty thief. I don’t want it too heavy or too expensive.
Any suggestions?
I could also ask a chain supplier, but someone here might have the knowledge too.

Abus from a locksmith, and they make anchor points you can bolt to the floor too.


Ive got my evil twin locked up like this in my basement, works a treat.

sorry this might be a stupid question… but does that mean you can just grab a socket wrench and undo the floor mounts? or do they have an ‘anti-theft’ bolt?

Buy the pre cut lengths at a hardware store near the locks, I have my bikes locked by these in my storage cage, in my case to the frame of the cage.

From memory around $50 for a 900mm length and same again for a lock equal to the chain.

If you can find one, a truckies dog chain or riggers dog chain. These are made of high tensile joinless links and are the strongest buggers about. Unforunatly also about 15ft + long.

Yeah they have ‘anti-theft’ bolts. Also where the lock goes in goes over where the bolt is so you can’t get to it. They also make one that looks like an octopus, with legs that stick into freshly poured concrete which you… might… have… in… your… basement…

I was going to use ramsets and burr off the nut, or even weld a spot on it.

You could always just chain your bikes to the gas pipe and hope they cut it:sunglasses: