see youse later, *Friday 19th March, The Joynt, Montague Rd, WE, from 4pm*

ugh, boring, going back to the UK next week.

so, new found forum friends, anyone up for beers on friday afternoon, the west end, early-ish doors (like maybe 5ish)…?

I’ll be there from 4 onwards - The Joynt Montague Rd West End.

please also note, the use of ‘youse’ in the thread title is absolutely a transliteration. jst sayin’, like.


i’ll join youses from 6

sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

can’t wait :smiley:

is this temporary or long time?

^temporary. i’ll be back at the end of july to start a job and to start writing my phd (fml). so i am going back to finish off some research, and grab the rest of my stuff (i.e. my pillow and TT frame).

looking forward to moving back to bris proper and to stop being a travelling pikey. ;]

plus, oh my days, i am tired of living in london. wtf, it rains heaps there, like.

see OP. at the joynt from 4 onwards. get in.

I’ll be there! Got rid of the dog and I’m out on parole… woot!

Mrs Ant and I will be there after work.

sorry can not attend, playing a show down the gold coast.

Way to be late to ur own going away

thanks guys that was radcore. sorry i was late jamie and kristine and dave!

sweet muesli bars, mmmmm.