Seeking girl's single speed for shoot, Melbourne, Mon 30/08

Hi all,

Looking for a girl’s bike for a shoot in Melbourne next week. Preferably a contemporary single speed, but open to the idea of a step-through or similar.

I will pay a hire fee, and collect & return to you. If you’re interested, or have a friend who may be, please send a pic of your bike to:


ps need pics ASAP, so we can decide before the weekend…


Also just spoke to my gf and she said it should be fine if you need it. She’s sending me a pic of it now so I’ll email it through to you

New material for FIX FIX FIX?

Ha… no. A completely legit TV commercial. Bike only required, actress already cast.

i’ve emailed ya mate, hopefully you like it

you might get some people to ask from here



email sent.

same, email sent

I forgot about that thread Rolly, its full of gold!

Thanks everyone who emailed me, I really appreciate it. Found a great bike, so the job is now done. You dudes rule.

which bike have you ended up using?
Post pics?