Seeking new forks for 65cm frame

I’m seeking a new set of 65cm forks for my fixey. I originally built the bike in London with a Dutch guy who I cannot get in contact with. The bike is here in OZ. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I can email photos of the bent forks for reference purposes. Cheers

Where are you?
1" or 1 1/8"?
Threaded / Threadless?

Surly Steamroller, Soma track, or a local framebuilder will likely sort this out easily. Surly have nice long steerers.

i don’t think the soma ones will be long enough, i got some a while ago and i the’yd only go into a 63cm frame at max.
you’ll have to go Surly or most probably custom - Gellie, Paconi, who else?

Colossi via Gear.

Bought a fork recently and it had a freakin’ long steerer.

^ colossi is a dutch builder too.

Hey guys, I’m in Alice Springs of all places!!! Heading to Brisbane June 10-15th. Erik at Gear Shop suggested a pair of custom crown forks or a pair from All City that supplies forks with long steerers. Threaded is what I’m after. Colossi sounds like the way forward.

Less on the forks, more on the frame… Where does one find a 65cm frame!!!

Industrie does FGBs…
PoH does FGBs…

…High & Mighty doing them now?


How long exactly is the steerer tube on the fork you’re replacing? Could help in measuring it against other long steerer tube forks we may come across.

i have a set of chrome plated forks i bought for a 61cm frame that were a tad to big for that frame,

brand new and never cut down or used

pm me or email for details and specs