Selfie sticks are for suckers


Doing the rounds of the Surf/Sup/Kite/whatever-else-people-do-outdoors forums, where it’s all about drones and GoPro right now.

A lot of the latest skate videos have been using drones (in parts, mainly intros) and it looks awesome. I’m waiting for a) major bike races to start using them and b) one to turn up a CX race.

EDIT: I’d love to have one, but no one needs to see me riding 12km/h up Norton Summit, or doing a sweet manual down my street.


If the serenity of being out bush is ruined by people taking selfies with their drones I might have to invest in a rifle.



drone first appears at 0:30

team handsome at 0:50


The drone footage is cool… but I wonder what it’d be like following someone for a lap.

Also, large concerts with drones would be cool.

where’s Jaffe?

actually, probs over at

That’s great course eh. Stupid dog park.

And I’d say Team Handsome is at 2:45 and 3:50.

Beginning of the Pretty Sweet video is amazing.

I made a drone video once - they’re pretty ace, though I wasn’t the pilot:


This New Balance Numeric video uses a drone really well.