sell much on ebay??

Tax man wants slice of sales on eBay

Won’t effect many of us, I don’t think.

Sounds like the ATO are after two groups:

  1. businesses operating on eBay and not paying the govt for it.
  2. people operating a business on eBay and trying to claim it’s personal/hobby.

And bear in mind that the govt has bugger all resources anyway so they couldn’t hassle everyone even if they wanted to. Sort of like how the AUD1000 customs limit works.

yeah i figured it wouldn’t affect many people on here, just thought it was worth a heads up.

They audited my mate year before last for eBay sales (just 2nd hand car bits and pieces), and another mate who sold car parts & cars aswell
through the Trading Post about 5yrs back. Pricks

wish i could claim losses to offset my income.