Selle Italia re-releases Turbo!

I was going to post this…

I wonder when and where they’re going to be available.

Best news eva.

The re-released Regals are like $90 on wiggle.

Hoping Turbo’s will be same-ish :smiley: No more paying stupid money for NOS Turbo’s on ebay kids!

bout time they released that shit

its a nice enough saddle, but i don’t really get the hype.

it’s like if your favourite band reformed to release a new album.

My bum hates turbos… but I’m pretty happy about selling my two last week! Market timing!

Great saddle if you are a big arsed sprinter who can use the saddle for leverage (The original Concor comes in a close second).

I own both and they are farkin fantastic. The Concor very very comfy when you get it set up in the right position.

you mean like that awesome stooges album that came out a few years ago and was widely ignored by everyone who cared

Humm… isn’y there some other company making seats on the Turbo last now… in colours?

i guess if your favourite band were the stooges… if they were dinosaur jr, then it’s different

You don’t drive a 9-inch nail with a tack hammer :wink:.

There is too much turbo lublub going on here, so I repeat: I hate turbos.

I’m more of a supercharger kinda guy. More down-low torque with no discernible lag.


I was just excited to see that The Jesus Lizard reformed for some shows… then realised they’ll never come to Australia.

never again you mean… they were here in 96, with rage against the machine. cant remember who supported them but RATM blew them both off the stage, and i didnt like them before i saw them live (almost hated them).

opinion was changed after that show.

David yow’s testicles can be very persuasive!