Or if it was a Subaru station wagon.

3.0 litre only, not puny 2.5

yep definitely 4x4 with snorkel, 2.8 turbo diessel -playing 70’s OZ rock on cassette, which had either been dubbed off vinyl or recorded from radio

saw one of those there, broken down in a ditch

Everyone used to have to be quiet when we recorded off the radio so as not to become part of it

Simplex shifters
One bidon only
Non-aero levers, drilled
Bare hands
Adidas Merckx shoes with slotted cleats and straps done up tight

(Paul Sherwen Paris Roubaix 1982)

Can’t say I’ve done all the above together, but enough separately for a taster.

Especially the leather shoes with wooden soles and slotted nylon cleats. I learnt to ride with those, 13ish on a country road in northern NSW, feet strapped in tight, had to slow right down to loosen them off to get a foot down because it was a track bike. 650c kids frame, cotton bar tape, no brakes. That was a sensation.

Oh boy great sensations!!



Nice crash tattoo.

fuck me this is amazing.Caleb has gone from probably least sensations of any rider bar Cavendish to i would say moderate sensations with that Lotto jersey. Calves still too fat to be proper full sensation tho.

Fat calves are a source of sensations the likes of which you’ll never know Jamesy.

true jonno.

what kind of sensations improvement is gained by wearing sunglasses on forehead rather than above hairline? and is it further increased by the use of product in your euro-spike/flat-top?

asking for a friend…

u know the answer nikcee

Just don’t negate it all by wearing inside the helmet straps

ok, sensations: bike geometry from mid 90s-to around 2005. Still using horizontal top tube and razzy dogs training with polar watch with no helmet before a cheeky stay at remote alpine chalets.

getting depressed looking at all the modern geo at ATB today, fml. Bikes are so ugly atm.

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What geometry do you ride Jamesy?

atm nothing fml. so sad. I just really like horizontal top tubes and that classic triangle look.