serial chaser

I’m always suprised at the detail of info that people have about their frames… where an when they were made in particular. I now have three frames, all of which have serial numbers, none of which i know much about. SO, who do you give this information to in order to get your deets back? the frame brands are Raleigh, Miyata and (i think) Perkins.
I know this is something I can probably nut out on me own, but I thought if someone else has already sussed it out then I can save myself an arvo indoors and go ride instead :slight_smile:

Here’s a start…


I keep a record of my serial numbers in a file with all the purchases I’ve made for each bike, when and where I made them, as well as the total value. This, combined with the pictures I have of my bikes, most of which haven’t been made publicly available, my insurance/bike theft proof of value and ownership. Shit I hope it’s enough!

  • Joel

You need to call the manufacturer.

Coz frames are shipped and then sold in every country it?s basically impossible to keep a main data base of all frames, sizes, serial numbers etc.

Some select stores will keep files of the bike they have sold new.
But even then calling the manufacturer is the best bet. If you don’t know who the builder was, have a punt and call them.

hope this helps… :smiley:

oh OK - I misinterpreted the question. The manufacturer should have an idea at least of what the various parts of the serial number mean. You should be able to get a build date, perhaps a builder, build location etc.

  • Joel