Setback vs zero/straight seatposts

My new Cannondale MTB came with a zero setback seatpost, and over the last few months I’ve tried to get comfortable by pushing the saddle right to the back, but even then it’s not enough.
It got me thinking, why the hell do all the manufacturers seem to supply factory bikes with zero seatback posts these days, is it to do with cost cutting/reduced weight?

There is an interesting piece by Thylacine bikes which makes a lot of sense:

Thylacine Cycles :
(PDF, How to be Laid Back)

It’s just annoying because the it now means I’m going to have to buy another seatpost with setback!

End thread.

It has to do with fact that a lot of MTBs have slack seattubes and also a inline saddle is preferable for in-saddle climbing (you ram your gooch on the tip of the saddle and grind - yup quote away - the further forward the seat the more mechanical advantage you get when climbing steep stuff in low ratios). It has nothing to do with cost, just current trends. MTB is all about customising components, so get used to it!

Have you got big feet? If so you might need a 15mm seatback. If you have little feet, try riding less like like a roadie.:wink:

I have small feet and swapped out my setback for an inline. Climbs like a goat now.

H, come riding with us sometime eh?!

Yes! I’m super keen to do some riding with you guys. Helps when I actually show up eh?

So basically you’re saying this trend has more to do with body position for climbing, rather than pedal efficiency?

Not necessaily, the slack seattube of MTBs would make racers want a more forward seat position for pedal efficiancy also.

Mr Thylacine disagrees

He’s probably right.

I’m no racer. I ride probably 50% of the time out of the saddle and position my saddle about an inch lower than I would on a road bike. Never going to be ideal for pedal effciency. Great for balance though.

I found that an inline provided me with a better riding position on my bike (Jamis Dragon - Med), especially when climbing.

My Cannondale seat tube angle is 73 degrees which is basically the same as my road bike.

But what’s yer front centre?

This is just the beginning. :stuck_out_tongue:

686mm I believe.

I know the numbers, but I don’t know how they affect the bike fit to be honest. All I know is that with my current setup I feel like I would like to push the saddle back a little further.

Yep, thought it was about time we had a meaty discussion re seatposts :smiley:

Actually, having never used one, I wondered about the whole setback post thing.

I’m glad this has come up as I am currently looking at getting a set back post, I feel too cramped at the moment, I also figured it would make it easier to do sweet wheelies.

And the bottom bracket height?

As requested, plus every other dimension you could care for: Size large:

I see your problem: it sez “not actual frame” at the bottom. You’ve been had.

Horatio, It doesn’t state whether the seat angle takes into account fork sag, and how much. Please measure and report back. Thanks :slight_smile:

owl’s that?

not worth making a flap over.