Shamal Track Black


Campagnolo Shamal Track Wheels. Pista | eBay

Want. So much.

Oh shit want.


someone fucking hit BIN!!!

Too late.

money’s on dayne

whaaaat?? no way they’re going for less than 750. WTF??!!

Sorry guy’s not me i have somthing else in the pipe works haha.
Wish it was though.

Was there a BIN? Damn these are perdy.

yep. $750.

I don’t need em, nor do I have any money, but fuck I’d love to own em!!

these will probably end up overseas…:frowning:

He may take a $750 offer?

shit, just realised someone put a bid instead hitting the BIN at 750, sorry dayne, i knew you wouldnt be that stupid…hahaha

i would think so, if anyone is keen, hit him up at 750.

damn! I was thinking about these the other day. Owner of that giant pink merckx track sold a set. seem to be gone now?? :s

I’m confused,how’d that happen?

i’m looking at one of the joes…

but someone bid 500, now it’s sold as 750 BIN?

would the BIN price be reinstated if the initial bid was retracted?

fukkin intriguing, what the fukk happened.

someone probably bidded, and then someone offered him the BIN and he probs cancelled the auction early.

when that happens it reverts back to the start price/BIN display.