shamal track

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decent buying at start price

i love how nobody has replied in this thread like it is some huge secret they dont want the rest of the forum to know about


i thought straight edge shamals are the new thing.

I’m all Shamal’d out.

A shamalaise if you will.

Pretty funny how the (hipster) track world still lust over 15 year old wheels. Imagine roadies paying $1500 for Rigida’s or those horrible 12-spoked Dura Ace wheels from the late 90’s…


still desirable in the non hipster track world… they are a very good race wheel

My Regida DP 18 were not cheap,but did lace them to 1992 athena hubs that have the only freehub that can convert 16 hole 8 speed shamals :wink:
the are heavy, soon to be sunday wheels.

My understanding is the clincher version is the one that is $$ as the juniors can use them, but for everything else why not buy the current Pista’s or shudder, carbon? Perhaps if Velocity produced the B43 in tubular form… :slight_smile:

Snail, good to hear!

if you race track and you have shamals you dont sell them

if you dont have shamals but you like shamals then you buy pistas

thats basically how it works

(yes the parents of juniors all want the 16h clinchers and will pay $$$$$ because their bundle of joy is going to be the next eddy merckx i promise)

i did.

and i’m ok with it.

so is brendan!

said junior then puts shamals on his visp cos its rad

no the juniors with shamals dont really like riding bikes, they just do it because their parents force them