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Buy Campagnolo Shamal Track Wheels in SA - BikeExchange


Motherfuck, someone’s already on it. You could say, a sale is brewing? Like something that brews? Maybe?

I wish… I made an espress call to her as soon as I saw the ad but some other lucky fiend had already extracted them, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth like some burnt bolivian.

So fucking cheap!


$400 cheap as the budgie

I should’ve pointed out how cheap they were, but i’ve never been clear on exactly how much these are worth. I’ll put a bit more detail next time.

Also, next time you find something interesting, PM it to me one day before posting it on here. Thanks.

As long as it’s a reciprocal arrangement, no prob

As if you need anything else coffee! Especially more Shamals.

What is this “need” that you speak of? I dont understand…

A few weeks ago there was a pair of track Shamals in Melbourne on Ebay. Buy it now price was $1400.

the more recent black ones arent worth as much as the originals, but not too far off, and the tires that came with the black ones are worth $80 each…