Shamals Sydney BIN zinnnng

Campagnolo Shamal 12-HPW wheelset | eBay

lol @ the usual campy guys messaging the dude for pics.

just BIN it to piss him off.

yeah someone do it ha ha then neg feedback him!

AVANTI Carbon Forks Campagnolo Shamal 12 - HPW Wheels + | eBay

how you lot miss this one???

I was bidding on it but got outbid in the last 2 seconds :frowning:

Haha same here.

me too

And me

i don’t understand why peeps get excited over the shittier 12 spoke shamals for $450 when i had 16 spoke version with miche track hubs thrown in for conversion option at $350 on here and they didn’t sell for ages…

because the ones peeps are excited about sold for $337 and came with a bike.

Barely, they came with scrap aluminium, and the rims were badly oxidised, and like i said, the 12 spoke ones are always worth less… And people were still excited enough about the $450 ones to be asking for photos etc.

^^ I would have bought them for that price!!! Lol (your 16s with miche hubs)

12 hpw will run on my 10 speed chorus and i want them for my tommasini.
Other wise id want 16h’s