Shameless Self-Promotion

Dear all,

You may or may not have been wondering what I’ve actually been doing in Berlin. Mostly I’ve been coming up with ideas. So I’ve stuck on one particular idea, and it involves sailing half way around the world on a small boat I’ve somehow managed to aquire. To cut a really long story short, I’m trying to get the ‘word out’ on an auction I’m having to get some financial help, and also make a 10% donation of the proceeds to Oceana.

I have no idea if this will work, but if you guys wouldn’t mind helping out by just sending the link along, I’d be most appreciative.

It aint cycling, but… It’s kind of close. You know, because it’s not a car. :slight_smile:

The site with all the info is:

Sea you in Melbourne, in 2007 (or 2008)


I think you are totally mad, like in need to be certified, like needing brain surgery or something like that…

but a huge goodluck to you for having the balls to follow a dream… you believe in it, it is going to happen whether that be alone or with someone!!

go get um and look forward to updates!

I just got your emails,

thought this if fvcken crazy, gotta be spam and deleted them.

Undelete, undelete

I’ll read them properly now.

Great idea. Have you read a book called 3 men in a raft? or 3 men in a leaky boat?

Both excellent reads. You might gain some tips in them on what to do in a storm or when pirates attack you.

Good one nick.

Is the boat going to be chromed like your bike?? :wink:

This books are excellant, so is the follow-up one "5 1/2 months where they sail down the river in russia. Let me look at the auction, will have to send you a ‘CAT Marine’ hat or something…

Man I am jealous. Before I got into riding I did a couple national championships in a laser and then a world championships in a contender. Wish I had the balls to try and do something like you are planing on doing!

Done “a spot of yachting” over the years and been following this guy’s journey for a while. Could be worth a read as I reckon it sounds like a pretty realistic account of long term voyaging…

Also a pretty good read if you’re into the more eccentric/single speed perspective on life.

Good luck mate. Gotta love a big adventure !!


Thanks guys for all the positive encouragement :slight_smile:

Lats: Haven’t read either of those books. I’m just finishing off a the Joshua Slocum novel - about the first guy to circumnavigate alone - I will check out those two books you’ve recommended.

Tristan: You should try and circumnavigate on one of those Contenders, I bet no one has ever done that before :slight_smile: Can you teach me how to sail?!

Tony Two Times: is fantastic - Thanks for passing it along. He appears to be really genuine, and his writing style is hilarious! He’s bookmarked.

and while we’re on the topic of me

i failed to mention i am attempting to get the auction ‘dugg’ on the website ‘digg’ … if you’ve got a spare moment, i need about another 15 diggs to get the article anywhere… there is only 4 hours until the opportunity expires (literally).