Shane Perkins on Hungry Beast tonight

Just got this email at work, though y’all might want to know about it:

Episode 11, Hungry Beast - Wednesday 1 June 9.30pm ABC1
In the second last episode of Hungry Beast, which explores the theme of Speed, we
look at what it takes to make the prefect athlete.
24 year old Australian cyclist Shane Perkins became the world’s fastest man on two
wheels in March this year, when he won the Keirin sprint at the Cycling World
Championships in the Netherlands.
Hard work and determination got him over the line first, but he didn’t do it on his own.
It takes a whole team to build an athlete who can push enough energy through his
pedals to power 12 flat screen televisions. A veritable pit crew of mechanics services
Shane’s nutrition, preparation and recovery.
All that backup helps the cyclist push himself to, and through, his limits…
“It’s quite a bit of pain. You feel like you need to go to the toilet, number twos, Like
you need to throw up, sometimes you black out, someone tries to talk to you, you
can’t understand. Yeah it’s fairly intense,” says Shane Perkins.
Kirk Docker and Scott Mitchell investigate the science, technology and team-work
that go into making a world champion like Shane Perkins.
Plus other stories on the theme of SPEED and regular Hungry Beast segments: The
Beast File, Vox Pops, Follow The Money and Stuff Said.
Hungry Beast is presented by Monique Schafter, Dan Ilic, Kirsten Drysdale and
Nick Hayden.
Repeats Thursdays, 10.15pm ABC2. Available on ABC iview.
HUNGRY BEAST: The World Remixed.

haha number twos. i think i will have to watch just to hear that quote.

What number was that, Shane?

He was on Between The Lines last week. Told a story about how he was bitten by a snake and still managed to win a Keirin. I was suitably impressed.

I love those Casco helmets. There’s often a lot of talk of having a psychological edge in racing, and I think if you rocked up to a race looking like one of the cast members of Tron like Perko here, you’d pretty much have every other rider considering why they’re even bothering competing.

He looks like he should be blasting mutants in mega city one with a helmet like that.
How much does one of them go for?

About $400 for the carbon-fibre version.

This is amazing. I saw this man in the flesh, and he is suitably impressive (and handsome).

yeah, pretty keen to watch this alright.

Not another one of your hot tub experiences I hope.

no, i wish though.

I know Angry Boys sucks (It’s on before hungry beast) but if you watch it keep your eyes peeled for me. I’m an extra in the asian skatepark scene.

Aeons followed by Perko, does television get any better?

being an extra, gay style

the segment on shane perkins was ok

I saw a bit of that.
The guy seems ok, idk if I like him or not though. I get an odd vibe from him.
Not a good kinda odd vibe like I get from Camoshop, more of a weird kinda vibe like I get from my friends neighbor, who’s always talking about how he shot some guy with a crossbow then pulled out the arrow and stabbed another guy with it, and then got away with it.
So, yeah, seems nice, but weird aura or whatever.

The dude is just dialled in. You see how much stuff they do to make sure he gets every little bit of power and energy from his system… having to put up and live with it every day is pretty damn hardcore. After committing yourself to the strict training and diet to keep yourself in form you would have to be a pretty serious sort of person. Imagine doing all of that, and dedicating your life to that olympic moment all to come a close second!

But yeah, I found him odd, but having said that… I would be too if I had all of these sport scientists on my case all day poking and prodding me and looking at me like I am a machine and not a human.

I’ve met the young Perko a few times, mostly back before he could drive and Daryl had to ferry him everywhere. Did a road session with him once on a training camp a couple of years ago, practicing sprint leadouts. He’s a nice young bloke but he’s not going to be a rocket scientist when he grows up. Like EZ said, every bit of his brain space was, and is, occupied with riding fast & there’s not much left for being a TV personality.

I know some people who went to school with the guy who say he’s a complete douche, but they’re those kinds of people who’re gonna get picked on, stoners and that, so their opinion’s kinda void.

I know i will have made it in my cycling career when someone is putting a measuring tape around my calf muscles.

What was the story with that? They just show up with cameras?
I spotted my mate in the background a few times. Do you know who done the actual skating?

They’d have to find them first…