Shane Perkins on Hungry Beast tonight

Oh, Bailey, you cut me deep.

I’ll probably be passing the shop sometime on Saturday, can drop by with Mrs Commuter’s measuring tape if you like. I have a PhD (but not in sports science) if it helps :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t doubt that perko was a total douchebag at some point in his life (haven’t we all been that guy?), but holy crap- i met him a few months ago and he was a down to earth, nice guy. brendan and i walked over to him and brendan yelled out “hey perko!” and he shook our hands and said “oh hi! i’m shane!” (like we didn’t know who he was). He asked us heaps of questions, talked about his training and family stuff. He wished brendan luck in his next race, and made an effort to say bye to us as we were leaving.

good guy!


I saw an interview with him prior to the World Champs and he acknowledged his previous mistakes, citing that have helped him become a better, more mature rider.

I like him. Gotta love a bit of rabid dog in the sprinters though! Makes for good viewing!

yeah, i should mention that watching him ride is incredible.

so. freaking. incredible.

+1. Seeing him rip past in the match sprints at the World’s was awesome.


For anyone that missed it.

I reckon he is awesome. His dedication to being a machine on the track to defeat all that go up against him is sensational. As far as him not becoming a rocket scientist in the future, well so be it. I would swap gold medals for a MENSA membership any day of the week!!

that’s a tricky “would you rather”…

Yep - would depend on the sport. I’d take MENSA over everything except Curling. Curling is rad.

They asked for azn sk8er boiz so I signed up and then they hired rampfest and we just mucked around and they filmed, being an extra pays very well. The stunt double was some small white dude and the rest of the skaters were just some rad locals.

did anyone else notice what wheels perko was training on? that’s right, the same wheels nearly all of the australian team trains on - Deep Vs. i can’t believe Velocity doesn’t make a big deal about this…

^ Yeah, but you could tell he really wanted dual Aerospokes…

he also agreed to a photo with casey on the infield that left her bright red and giggling like a schoolgirl with mcnabbs…

Exactly- TRAINING wheels. ie you want something heavy, slow so when you switch to the light wheels you’ll go faster :slight_smile:
But yeah Velocity could better market themselves.


All the more reason to dig out your old B43’s !

Anyone haz a frontal b43 for mr dyldoface plz? I wanna go fasterrrrrrr

true. what a champ.

i had it as my profile pic for a little but until the man himself popped up in my “suggested friends” list on facebook. i got really paranoid that i had also popped up in his suggested friends list, with him in my profile pic.

that’d be really weird. anyway. good guy!

another good article about him, this time on cyclingnews:

Shane Perkins: When Winning Is About More Than A Result |