'shape shifting' bicycle concept upright -> recumbent !


Another industrial designer solving a problem that didn’t exist! :lol:
I can understand the ‘how’ of this design, I just don’t understand the ‘why’…
Upright bikes suit me fine thanks.

i’m suprised at how judges in competitions always love stuff like this. reminds me of the new inventors tv show, which occasionally sends me into fits of cursing

You’re an industrial designer Liam, I thought you’d love stuff like this? :evil:

Seriously though, I know what you mean.
Industrial designers always like reinventing the bicycle. But as far as I can tell, the current design still works pretty well!

I could see some merit in this if one’s daily commute included sudden and unavoidable very low bridges.

The second one looks like a chopper

  • gee I wish I had one when I was a kid… I had to make do with a raleigh 20 instead…

i was actually originally typing a similar comment, to that, but aimed at you. you’re one too.
i find ‘unecessary’ complication distasteful. in second year of uni we had to create a multitool product, and it was my most hated project because the vast majority of students designs involved massive compromises, that they refused to see, for little benefit.

Fail… due to the fact that he hasn’t included a beard storage compartment! How are you meant to convert it to upright if you can’t safely stow your beard?

QFT. Beard/mustache would tuck into left sock, compulsory spares go in the right sock.

( nobody reads the linkblog :expressionless: )

The rider in the video is lucky he didn’t dack himself on the saddle with his wallet chain, changing ‘bike mode’. Or lose it into the spokes of his rear. Surely any speed gained from riding in the recumbent position would be written off by the weight of the damn thing?

The wheelbase would’ve done well on Big Bear.

haha yes I remember shaking my head in disbelief at uni many times.

The problem with many industrial designers is they approach design problems from an aesthetic position first and foremost. Function and engineering comes second. This bicycle concept is a good example of function being overtaken by an exercise in cool rendering. How the bicycle functions- ie how it articulates between upright and recumbent isn’t even discussed in the article which is kind of strange considering that is the unique thing about the design.
To be fair, I’m sure the designer has more details on the engineering etc but you get where I’m coming from.
And the reason we don’t concentrate on the engineering, is because we don’t know anything about engineering haha! Ops, I think I’ve just exposed the industrial design awful secret :stuck_out_tongue:

you have to remember that one of the reasons the form of the bicycle hasnt changed much in the last 100+ years is because of the UCIs strict rules on bicycle shape.

im not saying its the only reason but its one of them.

BTW i agree with all your other points, its the same in Graphic Design.


Likely consequence…

I’m an Industrial Design student and it annoys me when ID students make fruity cringe worthy shit… Like good on them… but no.
Just like how Liam commented on judges in ID competitions eating this shit up.

Mr Garrison seems like he was one of ‘those’ ID students at some stage… bet he would get an HD for this one.