Share house

Hey all, just figured I’d ask a few questions and stuff.

I’ve just moved into a share house for the first time, and I dunno how everything really works.
I imagine you lot have a collective of tips and stuff you could maybe share with me. I don’t wanna go ruining things and getting booted out and that.
So yeah, tips? Pointers? Do this and do not do thats?
Thanks, xoxo

  1. Don’t be a dick
  2. Clean up after yourself
  3. Pay rent & bills on time, or give early notice if you’re temporarily short on funds
  4. Raise any issues early on in person, don’t let them fester and be passive aggressive about it

Really, 3 - 4 are solved by 1.

Good luck!

I have an old top loader washing machine you can have (working)

put a lock on your door


  1. Try to get on the lease. Or at least be notified who the real estate agent is so that you can directly address problems, such as leaks, etc. being powerless in a situation where your bed is a small scale pool is not fun.

  2. Don’t use other peoples shit without asking, ever. Soap, toothpaste, food, etc.

  3. Make friends. A good working share house is an amazing little community.

  4. Clean up after yourself directly after cooking.

  5. Don’t fuck anyone in the house. No matter how drunk.

Keep proof of all your outgoing payments. (rent, bills etc.) It means your arse is covered if financial issues come up.
Get a small bar fridge for your room to keep anything you don’t want eaten/drunk by other people.

^ I lived with a bar fridge and a sandwich toaster/kettle for a while, its amazing the meals you can cook. (I had an ensuite for water needs).

Also, just clean the toilet. It takes like 2 minutes. No one else will ever do it.

Its been 15 years since I lived in a share house so I may be out of touch but the best system we ever used was everyone put in to the kitty for all bills (rent, food, internet, elec the whole shebang) once a week. The amount was always over what we reasonably though we’d need. Then once month take excess to pub.

Then share shopping and cooking

This gets rid of all the palaver about people eating each others food and means that at least once a month you’d all go out together.

If there’s ever a fire and you need to wake people up, bang on their door and yell “FIRE!!!”, don’t bang on their door and go “Oi man, wake up”.

all of the above, and:

don’t leave gross poo skregs in the dunny

Some good advice here Dylan.
Also, it depends on your relationships with your housemates.
Ones you don’t really know, will steal your food behind your back.
Ones you know well, will do it to your face.

If your girlfriend stays over don’t let her take an hour in the bathroom on a weekday morning.

i one stole one of the dinners FoA user heavymetal’s mum had made for him. he was pretty pissed. worth it though, 'cause it was nice.

Track Kunt: I have never lived in a share house.

All of the above, plus don’t throw cold spaghetti over your flatmate when she’s in the shower, no matter how funny you think it’s going to be.

Shit on everything.

Siblings/friends of housemates are fair game, just don’t let your housemate find out you’re doing their sibling as it could get messy.

I’d disagree, sharing food on most occasions has become an absolute shitfight. People eat too much, don’t share or cook while youre not at home, but again it depend son how harmonious the relationship is, or if you spend a lot of time outside of the house.

Buy something new (in my case it was a PS1 and a new telly) for your room (think of it as your own moving in gift).
Make a point of telling your housemates it was “from some fucker who owed me some cash”

They’ll immediately think your dangerous and therefore not to be fucked with, this should lead to you ruling the roost (so to speak) and alot less chance of anyone eating your food/drinking your booze/messing with your shit.