Share house

Try not to take overly sentimental items into a share house.
Respect others sleeping patterns.
Try to have a weekly sit down dinner/lunch with your other house mates. No television no phones, no computers and take turns in cooking lunch/dinner.

Never move in with a couple.
As above, dining & cooking with your housemates is great.

always close the door when you are in the bathroom. even when you think you’re the only one home.

Bathroom is a biggy, be quick and efficient and try to get in sync with waking up times etc for morning showers.

If you can at all cook to a better than “edible” standard, offer some of your food to your housemates from time to time.

If you get along well, invite/accept invitations to go out with your housemates form time to time

Be enthusiastic when you get home form work

Be polite about the TV and so not insist that you “must watch neighbours/poxfactor/mythbusters” etc. My last sharehouse had no tv hook-up, just a pc linked to a projector. Best idea, you end up watching great movies/docos/trailer park boys at times when it suits you all.

Plan a house party with your housemates at some point. Themes are good as you all pitch in to make it awesome. You may well end up laying/being layed by their siblings/friends.

If you do, take careful note of its position on the shelf, what way the label is facing, where the toothpaste tube has been squeezed, etc. If its exactly as they left it, its like you have never used it.

Don’t buy nice things

yeah, I second having occasional shared meals/drinks - encourages communication and fun which usually foil resentment and passive aggressive shit.

Light a match after you shit.

never drink the last of someone’s booze, especially if they’re likely to come home after work and be hangin out for a beer.

Know that no matter how well you write a note, and how polite you think it reads, it WILL come across as sounding passive agressive. Best not to to write them at all.

Not everyone thinks the lounge room is a fantastic place to park your bike.

even if you think everyone has left the house and gone to work - sex on the kitchen bench is still probably not a wise idea

yeah we used to have an unwritten rule that if there was beer in the fridge it was ok to tax 1/3. i.e. 6 beers - ok to take 2, 3 beers ok to take 1 etc.


i once had a housemate that drank the last of my beers, went out and bought a replacement 6 pack, then drank that too and thought that was enough of an excuse that i wouldn’t mind.

Crush laxative tablets into housemates foodstuffs when they arent looking as reparations for any lost beer/milk/eggs.

yeah, you heard me.

dylan, if you ever have the privilege of visiting the abode of xbbx and hmc, ensure you continue your conversation as loudly as possible whilst using the toilet, brendan LOVES it.

I don’t remember this, but I probably left some dirty skidmarks in the dunny as retaliation.

This is starting to sound like the True Confessions thread Housemate Edition.