Share the road campaign

So you probably haven’t heard about this campaign. It’s called share the road and it promotes cyclist safety by kindly suggesting that motorists give cyclists “plenty of room” and asking cyclists to follow the road rules.

Bicycle safety (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

The head of the BuG at work brought this campaign to my attention today. He said he called the whatever office handles this campaign and was told they have practically no funds to drive it. Now, while I think the posters in this campaign are limp compared to the “give me 3” campaign that was a major success last year in CA, I believe that the onus is on us cyclists to get this campaign seen. The campaign mightn’t have much of a budget, but collectively we do. I implore you to print out a few of these posters and stick them up wherever you deem fit. Get these posters seen!

i’m sorry - but this campaign stinks if you ask me.
I’m pretty sure there’s an “agenda” behind it. Look at the second, stop sign poster - implying that cyclists are the only ones who break the rules.

The first poster is implying that cyclists are “equally” or at least “partially responsible” for what happens to them on the road. I think a cyclist is 99% thinking safety, whereas a motorist is largely thinking about other things.

smarter minds than mine will find other flaws with this - trust me.

i can’t post it up cos i occasionally (read regularly) run reds/stop signs/drink n ride/smacked a truck mirror last week etc… and i’m repulsed by the general design of it, seriously bad, but everyone else who follows the rules and that should totally spread the word, sorry i’m a bad cyclist

I’m too busy to have a proper rant but this campaign is BS. While it might take two to tango, it seems that cyclists aren’t the ones who keep stepping on their dancing partners shoes and abusing them while doing it.

Yea, just read the tv ad transcript, it does seem to equate motorists endangering cyclists with cyclists ignoring Road rules. As though the former is caused by the later. Instead of it being two separate issues

Yeh, the implication of that tvc is that all cyclists break the road rules, and that’s why motorists are arseholes. I can safely say that there are days where I brake zero road rules, yet motorists have no qualms about being arseholes.

I want to see an ad that just sez: “Hey drivers, stop killing people!” or one that sez “Hey cyclists, thanks for not killing people!”

ah fuck it.

yeah im with dan… no comment