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I’m looking at ordering a complete build off on-one in the UK. Want to set up a commuter/single speed cx/light trails/gravel grinders/polo bike.
They’re having good deals at the moment, a complete pompino built for 600aud is what i might go for.

Shipping is 95gbp though, so would anyone care for a frameset or full build?

I need another (frame/fork/seatpost/seat/stem/headset) combo, or another full build to qualify for free shipping, so i’m asking around.

Let me know!

Also: if you for some reason think this is a stupid plan, let me know. But be nice. That means no one-line comments about bike polo being ridiculous. Unless they’re very funny.

If you have a decent spare parts box,you can pick up a Pomp frame and fork from Raceworx here in Melbourne for about $350 (from memory).

I could be interested, was planning on getting a Pompino frame and fork very soon, but I might check out Raceworx first. Sounds to be a good option indeed. Cheers for the heads up on that, nexus.

Edit: Just checked Raceworx, you can indeed get a Pompino frame and fork for $344 minus postage. Pretty sure I’ve just been sold.

lost my shit.

gonna have a squiz on the site and let you know.

I’d be in for one of their merino tops, they are only 20 pounds at the mo!

Dunno how much closer that gets you to free shipping but. . .

suggest affording thought to the duty and gst implications entailed with a larger order > $1K

I bought a pompino complete recently.
The exchange rate may have changed but even with the shipping frame and fork was heaps cheaper from the UK when I bought mine, ~$250 from memory.

I did have to wait quite a while for the complete though. They’ll send you an e-mail when you order telling you when your bike is going to get built. If you don’t get an e-mail telling you the bike is built within a few days of that date I’d send a polite e-mail just to check. I waited a while and it turned out they were out of the stock cranksets. I got a quick reply with an offer of a different crankset and they shipped pretty soon after that.

@nexus: looked at that, but the spare parts box is quite empty. made a quick calculation for wheelset, cantis, levers, etcetera and full build is way cheaper

@p-dub: Yeah, sorta like that! It will be green too :slight_smile:

@Rooster: pompino frame & fork ex delivery from uk would be just over 250aud

@MikeD: Merino top wouldn’t really help, unless i get more peeps to put stuff in.

@n8: thanks for the reminder, will need to keep total order under 650gbp. 2 complete builds would not work in that case, hmzz, who needs a frameset guys?

@DaFROG: thanks for the info

So. My order is about 400gbp. Free delivery seems to be at 600gbp. Max spend under the $1000 limit is 650gbp.

Who needs 200gbp of on-one gear?

I could be keen, been thinking about grabbing a pomp frame for a while. ill have a look when I’m home tonight and send ya a pm


Their fix n mix deal is pretty good:
On-One Pompino & Macinato Fix N Mix Frameset Bundle In Stock £208.33
(ex VAT)

Includes frame, fork, handlebar, seat-clamp, saddle, seat-post, stem. And puts my order at 608 gbp and free shipping :wink:

If it’s that much cheaper, then I’d definitely be in. I need an XL and the only XL they have in stock is the brown Pomps (not fussed at all) at $141 GBP and then the old Pomp fork at $33 GBP. All up coming to $266 AUD (or about 175 GBP). So that would fit under the 650 GBP limt, but we’d be out of free shipping by 25 GBP. Though I could probably fish together some smaller things to fill that price gap.


Check this
On-One Pompino & Macinato Fix N Mix Frameset Bundle £249.99

x large in brown, with a brown pompino fork, bars, stem, seat, seatpost and clamp at 208gbp

Get a pomp already Simon, join the club.