Sharing the spotlight with Cadel - video...

A wee little video I did with 2 of the kids who rode with Cadel yesterday. Not a bad day out for some teenagers - a day off from school and a ride with a TDF winner.

Sharing the Tour De France spotlight with Cadel Evans - ABC Central Victoria - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

fast forward to around 40:00

ABC iview

i’m starting to think the whole abc journalism department is run by members.

it could be! I’m on my phone so I can’t check that iview link, what is it?

user hamishf doing a story on cadel, featuring user brendan

Ahh, good stuff. Nice to know the tentacles spread far and wide. I’ll peep it when I get near a computer.

Nice bicycle advocacy Brendan good work!!

Whoa… this is like some sort of a secret cycling society infiltrating quasi mainstream media conspiracy…COOL!