A superb morning up here at Daylesford this morning so I grabbed the cross bike out for a gravel road excursion through the Wombat Forest. I am the first to admit that I am city born and bred so am enjoying the conversion to country life.

As I came around a blind but nicely banked corner I was greeted by a lone sheep in the middle of the road. I pulled up within a couple of metres of this fine beast but as I went past not wanting to give him a fright, he took off at me with a jump poleaxing me in the ribs lifting me clear off the ground with bike attached. Anyone on here who has met me would know I am no lightweight (probably around 2 or 2.5 Blakeys). Fortunately I landed on a grass bank and able to continue.

Despite the lack of friendliness of the sheep the gravel roads through the forest. A set of cross tyres in the forest is all you need. Plenty of good spots for coffee and food up here as well. Actually my ribs are really starting to hurt now.

That’s classic.

Sheep are dumb.

That’s still not very big :slight_smile:

Antelope charges into cyclist in South Africa - YouTube

was it like this?

Not quite the same power but I was thinking about that video when I continued on my way. I don’t think a sheep is very exotic either. My ribs are rsLly hurting tonight though. I think i will just walk the dogs tomorrow.

Sheep are the most stupid creatures alive, if only you had caught it on camera!

Whethers can be agro bastards. But then again I’d be angry without my nuts too.

Growing up on a sheep farm, you learn to get out of the way fast when they give you “the look”, you know the one, where any shred of intelligence has leaked out their ears and their instincts tell them to run as fast as possible into whatever is directly ahead.

Serious LOL’s!
Keir get your ribs checked mate, I was riding motorbikes with a guy who had a small ‘off’ turns our sore ribs, were 4 cracked ribs!
Who knows how hard that crazy sheep hit you!!

“the look” most often comes in the shed, when you desire said sheep to move from second pen into catching pen. Not so much room to dodge, sheep aim headbutts at the knees. The secret is to bend your knees just before impact, so that they don’t bend back the wrong way :wink:

I ran into a wombat once, at night, descending a country road into Wee Jasper near Yass. Shit lights, didn’t see it until impact at 40km/h. Fortunately no permanent damage, trip continues! Those things are furry bricks.

  • Joel

Yep being a rousy was hard work, shearers can be sneaky bastards with the clippers too.

I had some very nice baby sheep for dinner last night.
mmmmm sheeeeep…
Garlic spears, rosemary and olive oil.
Tasty, juicy sheep.


mmmmm sheeeeep…
Garlic spears, rosemary and olive oil.
Tasty, juicy sheep.

Steady on.

someone should tell BSNYC that blakeys are now an official unit of weight measurement in the cycling world!