Shifting- compact vs normal cranks

Man, @BIGRINGRIDING is really influencing you isn’t it?

That sounds pretty sweet- and it would be compatible with any CX frame?


And because it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing better to do…
what is it with the high bottom bracket on the CX frames?? It feels like I’m riding a tall bike or something. Just sayin…

Ground clearance and pedalling through off-camber corners

what’s that?

At one point yesterday, half way up Mt. Macedon, Brendan thanked the big dog.

I don’t think he knew I was listening.

Shit, you saw him too? I thought it was just me…

sticky cables wont generally affect front shifting INTO the big ring, and very rarely down shifting either. gore is great stuff, but front mechs are a lot ‘dumber’ and it is usually wasted on them. i’m going with your first suggestion.

and also that compacts are a heathen travesty and your shit shifting is the cycling gods forewarning you of your inevitable descent into pedal hell. just kidding, sorta.

If your front shifting is crap there is a good chance the front 'railer isn’t dialed in right
The distance between the rings and the cage are vital to slick shifting
Lower tier group sets also might have less shifting ramps than the more expensive stuff, this would have an impact.
I’m not a shimano expert so I can’t say…
Ask SanEsteban about this, he knows shimano very well and runs compacts

My roadie has a compact chorus chainset. It did seem to take longer to get the front shifting well but that can go for any campy gruppo

If you’d come to DD yesterday SRAM was prepared to solve your shifting issues. They even managed to get my campy/stronglight bastardisation to work reasonably well (and it got better once some of the mudcake was removed).