Shifting via Brainwaves!

The Toyota Prius Projects: Concept Bike Week 9 (Prolly Is Not Probably)

This is crazy

Yeah saw this. The more I think about it (no pun intended) the more I think this is bollocks.
If the intention is to create the worlds most integrated/easy shifting system, why not go one step further and use a constant variable transmission?
If this Prolly story is not some April Fools joke, it makes absolutely no sense.

my brainwaves power my hands, my hands power my shifters.

I don’t give a fuck bout no brainwave shit, what I can’t see doesn’t exist!

you need to have a chat with HMC, my man.

im on holiday!

after the third hour of a road race i barely have enough brain power to turn the pedals, let alone change gears…

so, err, you agree.


One day, I’ll get you drunk or heavily doped on prescription (yet not prescribed to you) meds, then try and get you to explain.

not new, it’s been done before…

such a great movie

OK so what does this thing do when I (almost inevitably) start thinking about boobs?

Puts you in gear 5318008


shifts to the BIG ring

What if you start thinking about chili chicken sandwiches?

There is much less risk of me thinking about chilli chicken sandwiches. Very much less.

You and I are very different people.

fuck me, i think waaaaay too much as it is

this would make riding drunk even more interesting