shimano 600 arabesque

whats a good price for a near full group set in pretty good condition? the group set is minus the headset and wheel set

Put it on ebay at 0.99c starting bid. Best way to find out market value :stuck_out_tongue:

The OP may be looking to buy rather than sell. In this case i would say $200 would be good buying.


yeah looking to buy. The bike I am looking at comes with the group set, semi complete. I would be looking to scrap the frame as its made for 27" wheels. They want $350 for the lot, which seemed a little steep at first

Depending on the condition I would expect anything from $200 - $400.

27" wheel are period correct for that group. Some of those 70s Reynolds 531 frames are really nice (and light too).

If its $350 in really good condition I would have thought that was a pretty fair price. But thats without knowing what type of frame or nothing… no much to go on here.

I’ll post up a link of what I’m going to see tomorrow

Centurion Pursuit Shimano 600 arabesque | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Stirling Area - Mount Lawley

tange tubing… the wheel size is a turn off because 700c stuff is more readily available

I know the guy selling that… have seen the bike in the flesh. It’s a nice bike with great period correct parts. MAvic rims with miche hubs man!

I guess I’ll seal the deal.

Nice bike. Though looks slightly smaller than measurements given.

That thing is nice.

yeah I already noticed the size issue, but I’m mainly after the group set. I think I will let FOA or someone else grab it. Flebay will cater for my needs

It probably looks smaller because of the 27" wheels and massive clearances. I think its probably that size. Whitey you could be fine.

Needs some gum hoods tho’.