Shimano 600 stem

Hey all,
I have this Shimano 600 quill stem I want to use but I think there is a piece missing. Can anyone tell me if there is a small clam-shell like part that tightens up on the bar inside the head of the stem that looks to be missing on mine.

Have a look at the attached pic Evan. There’s a curved black piece that clamps against the stem. I’m not certain but I think if the clamp piece isn’t there, then it’s probably beyond repair. I unfortunately broke a brand new one myself trying to loosen the clamp up too much.

Also, I’ve found with these stems that the bar clamp has to match very well with the bar. If not, get used to the creaking.

Yep thats the bit I’m missing. I am thinking I am going to have to make the part, don’t there is too many floating around.

Let me know if you think you can do it - I still have the threaded bit that the curved piece should be attached to. I should still have the clamp piece floating around somewhere too.

And I’ve still got the stem that those pieces came from so let me know if you want some bits - all NOS never used so possibly worth the effort.