shimano 600 toeclips???

i borrowed a set of shimano 600 pedals (the ones with three screws in a triangle positioning) off my brothers bike, but i can’t get replacement steel toeclips from my LBS.

Are there any places that sell them or can i modify something else to fit?


Hey man,

you should try sending off ya request to the track man himself

The chances are pretty damn good that if he doesn’t have em he will know where you can get em.

Good luck :sunglasses:

do an ebay search for “vintage shimano”.

I spotted some there earlier this week that looked in good condition. It’s the whole pedals though, not just the clips.

The plastic ones are relatively easy to come by; the stainless ones aren’t. Expect to pay more than you want to for the latter, if you can find them. If the former will do, and if you’re in Melbourne, try Bicycle Recycle.

Oh, and don’t bother even dreaming about trying to find the matching cleats for less than $100.

bicycle recycle are my LBS who told me they didn’t have any.
if they’re too hard/expensive to get, i guess i’ll get eggbeaters or similar
i’ve sent andy an email, hopefully he knows something. otherwise i think a L-shaped bracket may be possibly easily fashioned from sheet SS to attach normal metal toeclips to the pedals

are these the ones you want - a bit exy for cleats!!

Here’s a set of cleats:

Everyone else is doin it