Shimano 600 use for touring?

wondering if all or any of the 90’s shimano 600 parts on my roadie will be of much use on a touring bike? i was thinking configuring the front derailleur to accomodate the extra ring might be a pain in the arse but maybe ill just switch to downtube shifters to deal with that,and can the cranks take an extra ring?

600 cranks can’t take a granny, minimum ring is a 38 on a 130BCD spider.

Front mech probably won’t have the horizontal throw to shift from a granny to an outer ring, and doesn’t have the inside cage to pickup the chain from the granny on a different crankset.

Rear mech is limited by max sprocket (28) and takeup capacity (26), so your low gear is limited to 38:28 with 600 cranks, and assuming a 12-28 ish cassette, a max 10 T difference between the chainrings.

So, you’d need to replace front & rear mech, crankset & cassette (and chain) at a minimum. Unless you’re not ‘loaded’ touring, in which case 38:28 might suffice.

Agree with Blakey- always do- but with a few sugestions
I would look to getting a different chainset- say an old 110 bcd, with something like a 28/38/48 on it and then another rear mech iwth a long cage, then could use a 12-23, 12-25 and have a decent range of gears- especiaily if you’re going to use friction levers- won’t need too worry about inprecise indexing
I have a few spare long arm shitmano mtb rear mechs and may have a spare pair of 110 bcd cranks or two as well- complete with a bb to fit it???

Unless you mean an old 110/74bcd triple (old school MTB) the smallest chainring you can fit on a 110bcd crank is 34 teeth (33 in theory).

thanks for the help,figured it was a long shot! just having trouble selling the bike with the 600 to fund more tour specific parts! pinball wizard might hit you up about those parts at some point (the bike isnt much of a priority in the next few months but thos question was bugging me!)