Shimano brifter help

I’ve bought a VooDoo Nakisi with the view of using it as a super commuter or monster cross.
No problems with the setup for a flatbar super commuter.

But if I want to keep the drive train for a monster cross can I use Shimano brifters with Shimano 9 speed MTB FD/RD combo?
If I can will I need a triple left brifter?
Or should I look at a road double for the front keep a mid range (12-28) cassette on the back with a long cage RD?

Any suggestions appreciated.

From memory, MTB derailleurs have longer pull requirements that a brifter can’t provide. I’d look at keeping the road brifters with road rings, trying to find some smaller rings for the front.

search for tomacropod’s thread on his MCX bike. But yes, the 9sp brifter will work with 8/9sp MTB mechs, just not 10sp dynasys.

If you want to shift a triple crankset, you’ll need a triple LHS brifter. Or get a compact double and use that instead, like a 50/34.

Not sure about Shimano, but I just bought SRAM Rival brifters for the same purpose - which you can use with a road-specific medium/long cage rear derailleur which can handle a range 11-32T 10 speed cassette. I am running it with a compact 50/34T crankset. If you have Shimano kit already you could run Dura-Ace 9 speed bar-end shifters with MTB derailleurs. Isn’t that the most common touring setup?

Further investigation reveals that Shimano make sets of flatbar shifters to work with road double and triple running gear.
So I could go with the following:
SL-R770 flatbar shifters (10sp)
Tiagra 12-30T cassette (10sp)
105 GS RD (10sp)
105 FD (10sp)
XT 756 hubs (which I have already built into 700C rims)

The only remaining issue is chainline if I used a 105 Compact crankset with the XT hubs.
Would this be a problem with a 10 speed setup?

I thought the flatbar shifters only worked with specific FDs:
Shimano Ultegra Flat Bar Shifters 10sp R770 | Buy Online |
says: “Must only be used with FDR770 or FDR773 front derailleurs”
not that I’ve tried…

I can vouch for deore triple shifters and FD working reliably with a 10s Ultegra triple cranks though…

Ok. After double checking the Shimano specs & installation notes it does claim you need this specific front derailleur.
Not a big deal or cost to change the FD if replacing the flatbars & shifters with drops.

Creates a very versatile setup. That was the whole point of getting the Nakisi to start with.

shimano have a library worth of literature disallowing certain component combinations. most of it is utter crap though. supposedly you cant run di2 without a front mech, or the bar end tt shifters without the brake lever shifters, or b chain rings with a chainrings. all of that is wrong.

just try the combination you have. will probs work.

The A and B type chainring ‘issue’ is a corker