Shimano cx70

Shimano’s new cx70 group set via ahtbm and
doesn’t really pump the nads
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I don’t get these CX groupsets. 90+% of people (myself included) can’t push a 46 in a race situation so why only offer a 46 on ‘cx specific’ groups. I would rather them offer 42, 44 and 46 110BCD chainrings as aftermarket accessories for a compact crankset.

As an aside, in terms of pure aesthetics: can Shimano get any uglier?

But for people like me who use the CX as commuter/everything bike, 46T chainring is actually quite useful. Better than my currently over-geared 50T!
It would be good to test out the shifting quality- the chainrings have some interesting looking ramps to assist shifting.

i just changed to a 48 and i love it. not sure what you mean about 90% of people not being able to push a 46 in races as i regularly use my big ring in races (recovery sections/inside of the velodrome). conversations i’ve had with others (and watching racers) seems to indicate im far from alone in doing so). it makes for an easy single shift up front rather than needing to shuffle up several gears at the back, only to need to come back down to earth/smaller gear at the end of the section. given the chance i’d have taken a 46, but its way more useful than my previous 53.

i also use the big ring for starts… (not that it helps me much, im not matt gray).

agreed its not useful for 1x set-ups, but thats not really the goal is it (and that appears to be a decreasing market).

You got any good sources for 46T & 48T compact rings Nik?

I like my 50T for general riding but I want to give a 48T a go. I used one on a 1x9 setup for the road and really liked it. 46T might be a bit short but I’d be happy to give that a crack too.

Got the word from Shimano today my top pull CX front mech is out for delivery.

Good by pulley…


TA ring’s from green speed they don’t shift as well as shimano (less shifting ramps and are not paired like shimano unless you use 2 TA rings) but they do last a long time I have a near new ring in 130 p.c.d 48t for $30

TA Specialites

hmmm, I guess was generalising and I obviously wasn’t taking into account course conditions. Perhaps we have slower course designs over here in Adelaide, or perhaps melbournians have huge thighs?!?

I am a punter but there was no way I could push a 46 on any of the courses we have had so far in Adelaide, ever since I went to the 34/42 combination up front I have felt more comfortable and have gone far from spinning out. I feel constantly on top of my gear now rather than smashing myself to get on top of it before.

After the last race an ex-world cup mtber mentioned to me that even he found his 46 too high…

The 46 is perfect for commuting though but 42x11 is only 10 or so inches shorter than 46x11!

Anyway, we can discuss in a couple of weeks time perhaps as I am coming over for the August 21 race…

Just as an addendum to my previous post, I now use my 42 for 50% of the course rather than the 46 for 10% previsously. So I guess that is what I am trying to say - yes 46s have their place but I have found a 42 to be far more versitile in my own experience.

Let us all know when you get it. Will be good to know.

what slinky said plus here has a few (and being in england shipping is decent).

ive learnt my lesson and my next cranks will be compact. it was a pain trying to find 46/48t in-stock chainrings for my campy cranks. some of the custom wickwerks and thorne rings look good and have a great reputation but only work on compact cranks.

the latter split is about what i found (with my 39/53), its moved a bit in the 2 races ive done since changing to closer to 20% big ring. if my other option was a 34 i’d definitely get more use out of a 42 on our courses.

I love Ultegra 6700 shifting at the front, a lot of which comes down to the chainrings, so I could see myself upgrading to the CX70 crank on the Crux once I sell my road bike off and catch upgradeitis.

Keep your Campy bike pure. The CX specific campy cranks are nice!
I have enjoying the Campy CX 36/46t, but I’m only getting on the 46t on the bitumen…

If anyone needs a Campy CX Power-torque BB (with the CX double seals) I will have a spare one in a few weeks hopefully…

New mech is in hand. Looks the goods. Shimano only had 2 34.9 band clamp when I spoke, not sure on other sizes.

Fit up tomorrow as I went 29ing into work today.


I hear those Power torque cranks are a bitch to remove!

I hear what you’re saying but unfortunately the CX70 crank doesn’t have the beefy hollow chainring, therefore the shifting is never going to be as good as Ultegra/DA. Shimano totally should come out with 46, 48T hollow chainrings!

[QUOTE=horatio;342246]I hear those Power torque cranks are a bitch to remove!

No pretty easy with the right Allen key i.e one with a 90 deg bend and long handle. Not sure if your are being serious.


My understanding is you need a special crank puller to get the left arm off (a tool which Campagnolo don’t actually make)

I think Horatio means power torque and Slinky means ultra torque? Different spindle designs.

Yeah your right blakey I am talking about ultra torque I forgot about power torque being different it was only just coming in when I stoped working on Campy bikes. Looks like you would need a campag spercfic crank puller but I am sure they would make it. They switched to power torque for the cheaper cranks because the machined link bit (I think it’s called a hirth link correct me if I am wroung) was costing to much to make in germany.