Shimano Dura Ace 7900 series!

I get excited by hot new aluminium forgings, especially when they look this good:

I’m loving the new cranks and brakes especially. It’s great that Shimano haven’t given into the temptation of making these components out of composite material like the rest of the industry. There is something nice about metal.

Yeah good point about them ‘not’ going down the composite road BUT, in an age when composite materials are so far advanced from past disastrous concoctions, I can’t help but think they’re dragging the chain some what.

Fine christof, you go off and enjoy your SRAM Red composite extravaganza :evil:
I’d always prefer an aluminium crank to a carbon crank, if only from a durability point of view. My Truvativ ‘Rouler’ carbon cranks are too vulnerable to chain gouges.

They dont look too bad, although i would have to say the cranks look shit because they remind me of cheap end cranks that dont have interchageable chain rings and have plastic coatings that look similar to this one.

Lets face it Horatio, you only like them because they have the word dura ace on them. :roll:

However i do like the point that they are not steering towards carbon just yet. Well made aluminium parts often have a better material finish.

It’s called teflon Damoh, teflon!
Did you notice the hollowtech chainring as well? That’s pretty impressive manufacturing.

Well the brand excites me more than ‘Sunny Krown Technologies’ if that’s worth anything… :evil:

Couldn’t have put it better myself :wink:

But then again I am a sucker for ‘New and better’ sooo

Haha, so you’d be first in line for shit like this eh? :evil:

Imagine these on a steel frame with Deep-Vs!

Single pivot :? Bitch please, I’d rather use canti’s hahaha

Gotta leave something for next year in case you don’t find anything new to do in the next 12 months!

In case any of y’all want to upgrade, here is a good hands-on video: link

I love the ‘buy-now’ marketing hyperbole that Andy displays. Still, he knows his shit:

“… when Dura Ace 7800 hit the market in 2003, it was revolutionary… the shifting was telephathic…”

“I’m a hard-core Dura Ace fan…”

“History has taught us that when Shimano innovates, they set the standards and the expectations by which all other components are measured. That’s why this new version of Dura Ace is such a big deal.”

“It will be the gold-standard by which all other brands will be compared for years to come”

“When you see in it person for the first time, it’s simply breathtaking.”


You sure that video isn’t a parody? :wink:

Mostly same shit, slightly different bucket. I like how the brakes are a dead spit for two-tone Tiagra calipers . . . The cranks look like Ironman just took a rather paiiiinful dump . . . I remember when 7800 came out, someone said the cranks looked like Elephant Man’s face - but you get used to whatever Osaka puts out, or go and sell your soul to Santa and get some carbon crap. Bring back OsGear, I say. Where’s me pipe and slippers?