Shimano EX headset spanner

Does anyone have a headset spanner for an old shimano EX headset? it is kind of funky star shape. You can use a normal one but if you need to reef it the nut rounds off very easily

Just use this :evil:

But yes, seems to be quite a fragile piece of aluminium with not much contact area.

could make a mould box around it that has a handle, spray it with mould release and pour in a hard epoxy resin.

definately a labour intensive task, but you wont round off or damage the aluminium, you’ll have more contact area and a story to tell ya mates.

or just track down a workshop with the specific tool.

there is a specific spanner for this headset. not required, but better to get correct grip and not to ruin it. have a look on ebay for ‘shimano headset wrench’ ive come across quite a few.

yeh I seens them on teh ebays, not cheep.

was wondering if anyone here had one handy