Shimano Hydro Road Groupset

Is it possible to get the Shimano R685 hydro brakeset as part of a groupset? Or is it only available as a seperate purchase and onsell the other brakeset from a groupset to recoup some costs?

Had a squiz at Ribble and a few other places and looks like its a no, but maybe someone knows something I don’t.

tentatively… you can only get the r685 as OEM, we had one fuck out at work a couple of weeks ago and we switched both out for uniformity, pretty sure shimano aus don’t have it for sale, think we used rs685 as replacements? ps road hydro levers and mtb hydro calipers wont always play nice together, we hooked up a different mtb caliper and the lever feel was pretty whack. carry on

Haven’t seen it.
I bought the shakes from bike24 and other bits from UK sites.

It’s non series, no.

Thanks guys.

So buying a 5800 groupset and a RS685 brakeset (I must have mistyped in the O.P. Scott) and offloading the 5800 shakes and brakes seems to be the g.o.

Will mull it over and see what other inspiration comes my way.


I dunno zach, I’ve got Tektro cable discs on the Dambala and XT hydro’s on the 429C, I’ll take hydros over cable any day of the week.

My only concern now is a 135mm rear disc hub that’s Shimano 11spd road compatible.

Geoff: get an xt rear hub and get it machined for 11sp. I’m doing that, found a local guy who does it.

I bought the components individually cos it was only slightly more expensive than parting out the rest of the group and saved hassle etc. But might be worth it…

Hope Pro Evo II 40t is 11spd road compatible. Only thing is you need to buy the 11spd cassette body as well… cheaper than WI and probably what I’ll be doing.

Huh? There is the Shimano FH-CX75 rear hub which is 11s, or get DT Swiss and swap the freehub body. Granted the XT machined method is the cheapest

cx75 only comes in 28H tho H.

that was my complaint about the cx75, I have a slightly used set of Open Pros in great condition and would like to build them up but figure if I do I want the option of using them on a disk frame.

Does anybody else know of a road hub set with 32 holes and 11sp compatible?

White Industries T11 for rim brake
CLDfor disc

If you’re going to the trouble of building up disc wheels why not get some better rims? I.e. lighter and wider.

^ I think he means ‘road’ as in rim brakes. In which case Hope RS Mono ヽ(・‿・)ノ

E: did a Horatio and didn’t finish reading that first sentence… yeah, don’t build a used pair of open pros to 11s disc hub lmao.

Went looking for Silver CLD 32H rear availability in AUS, not so great, but can be got from the States for about $429 delivered.

Paired to either a Silver Archetype (Wonder if H+ will do a disc rim eventually?) or a Polished Velocity A23 looks to be two options. I’m sure there are others.

Get something tubeless compatible maybe?

Got me there HALbot

Pacenti or Stans are two options. Neither do silver or polished.

I should really start another thread for the dream Wolverine build, as it’s original build will be whatever I can swap over from the Dambala to get it on the road, so flat bar,single speed, cable disc is up for starters.

pacenti do silver SL23 (in 650B.)

HED for the best rim at cost no object

Don’t get archetype, you want tubeless as an option. A23 mehhhh.

Just get a decent MTB rim like the WTB KOM or a WTB Chriscross and strip the ano if you must have silver.

PS: Discs are no longer non series!

Shimano 105 hydroshakes

Ultegra caliper, no lever yet

And tiagra goes 4 arm but with 10sp