Shimano Oval Plate Chain - Master link

I’ve been hunting for one of these chains for a while now and finally found one.

The problem is, its missing the master link for it. Has anyone had experience with these chains before?
Is it possible to put a normal 1/8’’ link in it, or will I need the original?


Anyone have any ideas?

Dam, no help sorry but just suprised how you ended up finding one, I’ve been looking for a while. Maybe if you can, buy another one and it might come with the master link or even ask the dude you bought it off what to do…
Last option is to go to a bike store which has the trek coaster bikes that stock this chain and ask them for it…?

Yeah, its taken a while to find it.
I’m 99% sure a normal joiner will work on it. The chain’s pins are the same size etc as a normal 1/8th chain. It’s only the oval plates that are different i guess and most of thats just for looks…