Shimano pedal assembly tool - for rebuilding loose bearings

Hey guys, does anyone have the “TL-PD33” Shimano pedal tool in melb that I could borrow?

I have m324 pedals that are now apart to regrease.

Basically I need to be able to hold the cone nut whilst tightening the retention nut, inside the body of the pedal.

From what I can tell, it’s the same tool for most Shimano loose ball pedals; has anyone else done this without the tool?

I think I have to

  1. hold the spindle from the threaded end
  2. hold the cone inside the pedal
  3. tighten the retention nut whilst doing 1. and 2.

So I need 3 hands. The alternative I was thinking is to jam a flat head screwdriver into the pedal body to hold the cone nut.

Some help or suggestions would be great.


Blakey has one I believe


Russian doll socket tool. Nice work Shimano.
I have one of these for holding the pedal so you don’t need a 3rd hand.

Hot damn! 77 clams for the tool!!
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