Shimano's phase out time?

How long does Shimano continue to run product production once there is a new product line? Meaning, how long will Shimano continue to run 9-speed MTB bits now that 10-speed is so prevalent. I’d hate to see the end of production of XTR (Ti) cassettes and not have a couple in the cache. I know they generally continue to run the very low end stuff on older technology. Any thoughts on how long I can expect to see 9speed XTR stuff still in production?

I’d say at least another 3 years for consumables eg chain, cassette, chainrings. Shifters, cranks and derailleurs will be out of production now or soon.

  • Joel

My understanding is Shimano support the last 3 generations- ie current M980 series as well as M970 & M960. M950 and before are not supported. Same in road components- current Ultegra 6700, 6600 and 6500, but not 6400. Correct my if I’m wrong here.
So I imagine M970 (9 speed) will be around for a while!