shimergo: campy shifters to xt stuff

Firstly, yes I’ve read the sticky thread on shimergo and the linked pages within it.

I’m setting up a touring bike with 9speed XT drivetrain, and am thinking using some Campy Ergos instead of my original plan to use shimano 9sp brifters will be better.
I will be able to have cables out of the way of handlebar bags, and also should be able to use the all three chain rings on the front instead of just two( I think???)

Components I have so far:

XT 9sp rear mech
XT cassette
XT front mech
XT triple crankset

Basically, what I’m trying to work out is what speed campy ergo’s am I after?

So far from what I can gather, I can use either 9 OR 10sp but cant really get a definite answer either way due to the fact I’m using MTB and not road stuff.

Oh and yeah I guess I’ll have to get the corresponding ShiftMate or possibly be able to ‘hubbub’ it according to whatever ergos I end up with.

Hope that makes some sense, my brain’s a little fuzzy from reading through all this stuff…

11sp Campy ergos, 9sp shimano cassette, no shiftmates (me). Or 10sp ergos, 9sp shimano cassette, alternate cable clamp at the mech (MikeD). MTB doesn’t matter as it’s the same pull as road, unless you get dynasys 10sp MTB stuff, and then it won’t work at all.

Ideally Chorus or any other ‘ultrashift’ ones if you want to maximise your trimmability. More $ though.

These should do it for a triple: | Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Triple Ergopower Alloy Levers | Gear Levers And Shifters Road

I have 11sp Chorus hooked up to a 9sp cassette via a 9sp XT shadow mech, works fine. Also used an 8sp XT mech in the same setup. I had an 8sp XT front mech that worked ok, replaced it with a campy CT mech, still tweaking it though.

Ah ok, yep thanks that makes sense.

I was also told you can upgrade campy ergos to higher speeds, ie. make a 9sp shifter into a 10 or 11 apparently by changing something in the internals?? Would that mean I could get a 9 sp, make into 11sp, and then use it with 9sp shimano?
Sounds ridiculous but these are quite a bit cheaper and are triple compatible…

The 11sp guts are stupid expensive, have to buy the entire sub assembly. Not worth it.
Plus 11sp ergos are much nicer than those xenon things.

You can also put v brake noodles in shimano shifters and route the cables around the bag that way. Or use barcons.

Ha I was waiting for someone to say just use barcons. Bike won’t solely be for touring hence why I wanna use brifters. And yeah i agree about the Athena stuff being much nicer, probably just go for them. Thanks!

Seems like simple answer would be 9speed brifters and matching campag rear derailler, the front derailler isn’t that important and the spacing on 9speed is effectively the same. I’m running several bikes like this on 9speed campag with shimano wheels.

No, because ive already got the XT stuff and want to run a wide range mtb cassette on the rear so campy rear mech is out.
Sorted now anyways.