Shimergo in CX

Anyone using a shimergo set up?

I’ve found a 700c/ 130 OLN/ mad clearances canti braked steelie and want to frankenbike a usable CX combo hopefully using what’s in the shed:
13-30 hyperglide 7 sp.cassette
shimano 600 hubs handbuilt on 36h open 4cd’s…too skinny?
Long cage (old MTB ) 7 speed mech.
couple of options on front changer, 28.6 OD seat tube.
cranks/bb a plenty, 68mm…rings, hmmm?

I think all i need is cables and ergo levers? Any body got any 8 speed ergolevers they don’t need?

Am i wasting my time? Sheldon and CTC both rate this.
All my other geared bikes are record 10 speed.
Should i just buy a long/ medium cage 10 speed mech and a 13-30ish 10speed cluster and be done with it. I have 10 speed ‘spare’ 32h wheels although all on the skinny side.

If I can’t use the skinny rims i guess i’m building some new wheels anyhow.

This is just a budget ‘fun’ bike for the summer CX series here in Adelaide and thrashing the forest floors down south.

either! The rims are fine BTW.

Got a pic of the frame?

Are you asking if you can use campy 8 speed shifters with shimano 7 speed gear?

Dylan, there’s plenty of web info’ on this set up, just wondering if any locals use it…
Apparently you can change the internal widget on MOST ergo’s to 8-9-10.

Found some 9 speed Veloce “escape mechanism”…non rebuildable?

Pics when painted Larfinboy. Somebody missing one? Tig/ 1" fork, vertical cast dropouts. It was rattle canned red.

Shifters and rear derailler should be campag.

Then 8speed, spacer set or miche cassette to work with shimano hubs.
9speed, spacing effectively the same so mix shimano hub and cassettes with campag shifters no worries
10 speed, has to be pretty new shifters so why kludge, not run it myself, some suggestions that they work fine mix and match because the spacing differences are small.

geeky shit

7 speed Shimano shifters pull almost the same amount of cable (2.9mm v 2.8mm) as 10 speed Campagnolo. Taking out top and bottom ratios leaves 5 x 0.1mm as possible difference. 8 speed is even better (2.8 v 2.8/ 130 OLN) ,but i have 7. Not a kludge as such, less dish/ stronger chain+ cogs/ less chance of mud induced ramping shenanigans…blah,blah.