Shiny Hillman

heres my first fixed, first road bike too. made in my home suburb of Brunswick, I think in the 80’s? anyone??

geez, I should have polished the chrome before I bothered taking the photo - the handprints allover look abit average.

still working on smoothing out my spin, and can’t trackstand yet to save myself!

I dig my fashon victim spoke cards and bullhorns.

Looks great! Chrome is pimp.

Shiny chrome is even pimper… :wink:

This has got me wondering - what sticker design came first? The Hillman or the Kenevans? The sticker set you have there is IDENTICAL in design to the Kenevans stickers… right down to the (Belgium?) colour stripes of the mitres to each end of the Hillman name, the ‘world champ’ sticker design and the ‘Hillman racing’ sticker design. Was there a company producing stickers in the '80’s that every frame-maker bought from?

with the sticker, any idea if the red yellow black stripes at each end has any significance?

More like this.

hmm considering Hillmans and Ken’s are both made in Australia I was thinking more along the lines of an indiginous connection??

I saw a fat bloke in a Hillman jersey this morning that was covered in similar stripes.

There’s a homeless guy in Kew that covers everything he owns in yellow and orange.

Well, I went to the horses mouth and Barry Hill couldn’t shed any light on the mitre graphic or the choice of colour, nationalistic or otherwsie…