shipping a bike to Japan

So I need to ship my brother in laws hideous low rider bike to Japan.
Anyone have any experience, recommendations, Rough price, etc.?

How soon does he need it/where in Japan is he? I’m heading there end of November

Yeah if you can get it there, there are Takkyubin (Japanese couriers) at the airport that will get it to your bro’s door. Otherwise IDK.

on the basis that he’s been in japan for at least 5 years without the thing i’m sure it can wait a bit longer
I think he’s in/near tokyo i’ll confirm that.
if you’re happy to drop it off at with a courier at the airport a’la WCP’s suggestion that sounds like a plan.

can’t he just buy a sweet minivelo or demontable or a blue lug special surly?

just checking pack&send and from the rough figures I threw into the calculator he could probably buy a pretty sweet demon table for their shipping cost alone.
this low rider contraption is the biggest steaming pile of shit ever but he asked so i need to get some options to keep the possibility of reciprocal shipping of genuine JDM official hello kitty products to MrsFROG open.

If international courier of bikes (as opposed to bike courier) Assher can’t do it i’ll just send him the pack&send quote which should put an end to it