Shipping bikes within Aus

I just won an ebay auction and have to get a bike picked up from Inverleigh and delivered to the city. It has to be door to door. It’s a 20 inch raleigh folder, so it’s not massively bulky. What is my best option?

couriers please are cheap, will do door to door, and work all over.
you might need to start an account, or ask around for someone who has one.
most bike shops have a CP account and you could maybe just cash them up to do it.

Thanks, looks like I can just make a one-off order. I’ll give it a go.

Pack and Send offer both ‘door to door’, ‘store to door’, and ‘door to store’ delivery but you pay a premium for it.

Local couriers are the best and often cheapest bet

I might have heard wrong, but Greyhound quoted me $69 Brisbane to Melbourne door to door.

i sent a a bike with them last year, think it was 75 depo to depo.

I’m a fucking liar. It was $87, and then it cost $85 to send a set of wheels. But that was due to the size of the box old mate put them in. They were a freebie, so I don’t really mind paying.