Shipping to UK

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I’m in the process of packing a bike for shipping from sunny Melb to the UK - I’m usually on receiving end (e.g. buyer), so any names, companies, tips, approx costs etc to get the bike their in moderate timeframe would be appreciated


Have someone who’s flying over there take it as excess baggage.

It’s going to cost a fortune to fedex it otherwise.

Like Blakey said, It’ll be pricey to send it by air. Fedex is cheaper than UPS or DHL for larger items IIRC. Sea can be cheap but it’ll take like 6-10 weeks to get there and it will be packed in a groupage container, along with miscellaneous shit - suitcases, trunks and other heavy items, so chances are its more likely to be mishandled, travel flat or on its end, be crushed etc; if you’re gonna send it cheap you better have it very well packed.

Do a search for “unaccompanied Baggage”, there are a plethora of removal companies that will be able to send it for you. Pack it up, get the external dimension and packed weight and then call around and get some quotes. It might be cheaper to go through another firm than getting a quote from Fedex directly.

In case you were wondering I work in shipping.

If you don’t know anyone just head out to the airport and find the check in queue for a UK flight. Offer some backpacker $50 to take your parcel with them.

Remember to wink and say “definitely no drugs in there”.

it is expensive to ship bikes to and from europe