shirt printer

i’m putting on global gutz again this year, and i’m desperately trying to find someone who can do a cheap short run of plain screened t-shirts.

ideally i’d like to find someone who would do them for really cheap, even free, in return for their logo on the flyers, the spoke cards, and obviously the shirts.

screen would be a single print on the front, in black on preferably dark gray shirts.

i’d love to do white on black, but that is a pain in the ass, and would cost more.

seeing as i’m going to have to pay for this out of my own pocket, and i’ll have to keep any left over, i need this to be as cheap as possible.

alternatively, can someone do a photo exposure screen for me?
i could then do the shirts myself if i had to.

you can pm me here, email me at, or call me on
0405 007 890.

the sooner the better cause i need to get flyers done and distributed asap.

I don’t have a contact, but Rob from the Melbourne band CUT SICK does printing for pretty cheap. Good quality as well. Try hunt him down.

His company name is Too Far Gone Screenprint.

He’s an ace guy and does good prints cheaply.


There ya go, Liam to the rescue.

A and D printing in Melbourne is cheap and fast. 20 one colour shirts for under 200 bucks.

I have used him for 4-5 batches of shirts.

uh oh, i know rob too. do we need to reveal our true identities? do we know each other IRL?

Probably not, Liam and I are from Hobart. We’ve just got mad hook-ups.

Could somebody explain the pricing structure because Im dumb :roll:

If I just wanted ONE shirt with one colour, would it be $11, or would I have to pay $50 setup :?

i think if you wanted 1 plain t-shirt it would cost you $50 for the set up, then $5 for the print, and $6 for the shirt. total of $61.

i want 30, so total cost should be $317.50 plus postage
or 20 for $225 plus postage.

which is pretty good.
and my next stop if i don’t get helped by a couple of things in the pipeline now.

Ross: Yeah, the set up covers the cost of the screen and putting your design on it. That has to be done no matter how many shirts you get printed, hence it being a once-off set cost. Most printers save the screen for a certain amount of time though, so if you decide you want more shirts printed you probably won’t have to pay a second set up cost.