1.Why does every new phone have to have more shiza that will never be used on it - but doesn’t allow you to make a call, complete a call without it dropping out, answer a call, find a contact, or basically be a phone.

2.Why can’t I open my 10 year old usb sticks now without an app - why do I need an app to open 10 year old technology.

The world is going crazy with unrequired shiza.

Its true, you just gotta embrace it. Take what you need and ignore the rest. My home screen on my phone has 4 things only and apps are at a minimum.

F_ck that, why do he have to go back to grade 1 to learn stupid sh_t that we shouldn’t have to do. Why do we have to do multiple process for every task.

I’ve just got home, on a plane in 6 hours - and F__ck me, I can’t print the airport parking voucher unless I sign up.

Maybe I should embrace it though - I’ll get my 1.2 million customers each year to fill out a form, or log on with their details before they can buy a beer.

5 days in Tassie should do me good - but if I see a Garmin on a penny farthing next Saturday at Evandale I might just throw a baguette through the front wheel.


google nexus. bare bones phones, which you can tweak if you’re a geek.

Haha fuck…sig’d.

+1 for a nexus if you want minimal fuss. For anything 3rd party you’re still gonna have to download an app and sign up for all the bullshit. I have an email account dedicated solely to this sort of thing.

There will be garmins on Penny’s at Evandale.
Racers be racers.

+1 I’ve had 2 of the past Nexus’ and still can’t make myself switch to another brand and lose the ‘clean’ android experience.

I got a Sony z3 for waterproofness, but run Nova launcher to get as close to stock Android as I can. I can’t uninstall a bunch of Sony bloatware, but I can ignore it

flash a cm based rom?

I could but I can’t be bothered.

SML can rant! probably have two garmins though, one for each set of eyes…

Nexus 6p gets two thumbs up from me despite the fact that I can barely fit it in my pocket.