Shiver Me Tall Timbers !!!!

Hilary Stone has this gargantuan NOS Basso for you giants …

It’s kinda cool even if it’s just because it’s so farkin’ big !!! :wink:
Just keep in mind it’ll probably have an Italian threaded BB (ask Hilary to be sure).
Hilary Stone Italian Bike Frames page 1

Was hoping for single crown shivers, but thats also kind of impressive.

nice to see a bike that is too big for me for once, rather than the too frequent too small. sweet colour.

Also on hilary at the moment is an aluminium Barra. I saw it, got clearance to buy, then realised how long and how much effort it would take to build it up. Something i’d love to do as an older codger. 58 square, too. Probably should be within FOA circles. 1200GBP, pretty alright.

Lolz … who’d have thought of all the days to wear whatever was the most contrary clash of kit it would have been the day we visited Tommasini !!!

The other handsome gent is Marco btw. He’s built most all the Tommasini frames since about the miid 80’s. Super sweet guy, lots of enthusiasm !!!