Shoe deodorizer

Any tips of de-stinkifying riding shoes?

I cant chuck them in the washing machine for obvious reasons. Just dont want them stinking up my car when its parked in the sun for extended periods…

Washing machine is how I fix mine. I use speedplays, so I have to take the cleats off… but that only takes a second

do a blakey. he has a new pair of shoes every time i see him.

failing that, soak in a bucket with napisan thenrinse. repeat if neccessary and grab some odour-eaters from the supermarket.

There’s that pump spray stuff you can get from the chemist (I forget the name but I’m pretty sure there’s only one brand)…
I know that works.

Embrace the stench!

I am absolutely mingin today.

Deodorizing Sneaker Balls

looks like a Kinda-Surprise

McLintocks Vanilla Fridge deoderant. Works on bike shoes, even wetsuit booties.

Just a sprinkle of Bi - carb soda over night works wonders. Don’t go over board though as if theres heaps left in there and you sweat it up in your shoes you get this nice little reaction going on that bleaches the shit out of your shoes.

It is. Check the link out again, it is a kinder surprise toy capsule with bicarb soda in it. Works a treat…

Well that was a lot more helpful than I was expecting, thanks!

Going to try them all. I have chrome kursk canvas shoes (for pub rides) and I wasn’t sure if the metal plate in the sole would corrode.

+1 on the bi-carb (works really well on stinky fridges as well).

i add a little eucalyptus or ti-tree oil as well to help out.

shake the shoes out to get ride of excess when you need to wear them next.